About me and this webpage:

My name is Martin Žonda and I am a theoretical physicist working at the Department of Condensed Matter physic of the Charles University in Prague. Currently is my research focused on the stochastic dynamical systems and quantum dot attached to BCS superconductors. I am also participating on a project on spin current generation on a femtosecond timescale which is in its initial phase. My previous research activities included various problems of strongly correlated systems with the stress on the different phase transitions in Hubbard like models.

In my free time I like walking, hiking and to do sports in general but most of all I like reading and, from time to time, writing. Even though the prime goal of this webpage is to introduce my work you can also find here some tips and tricks as well as leisure time reading.

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  • Quantum dot attached to BCS superconductors

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  • Phase dynamics of Josephson Junction

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  • Phase transitions in the Falicov–Kimball model

    The ability of Falicov-Kimball model to describe various charge and spin orderings, known from the experiments on real strongly correlated materials, makes it an important theoretical tool ...More »

What drew my attention

Boltzmann vs Gibbs or: Is the negative absolute temperature achievable within a standard thermodynamical framework? The heated debate on the correct definition of entropy is going on. Authors present a defence of the Boltzmann entropy as a reaction on several recent papers including the paper by P. Hänggi et al

Where to find me

Charles University in Prague,
Faculty of Mathematics and Physics,
Department of Condensed Matter Physics,
Ke Karlovu 5,
121 16 Praha 2,
Czech Republic
email: martin.zondaXXgmailXXcom