About me and this webpage:

My name is Martin Žonda and I am a theoretical physicist working at the Institute of Physics of the Albert Ludwig University of Freiburg,.

I am currently participating in several projects. The ones that occupy most of my attention deal with the transport through strongly correlated electron systems and with superconducting quantum dots. Nevertheless, I am also involved in analyzing STM experiments, and other smaller projects.

My previous research activities included various problems of strongly correlated systems with the emphasis on the phase transitions in Hubbard like models.

My most favorite leisure time activities are hiking, puzzlehunting, reading, and watching old sci-fi series.

Even though the prime goal of this webpage is to introduce my work and to have a storage room for officialities you may also find here some tips and tricks as well as leisure time reading.

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What drew my attention

A History of Dark Matter is not a typical Review of Modern Physics paper. It is focusing on the history of the Dark Matter research rather than on the physics it self. It is a surprisingly good reading. It helped me to understand the actual paradigm as a current state of a long and continuing process. I have to say that authors did a better job in this sense for me, than some popular books focusing on the dark matter and cosmology.

Where to find me

Albert Ludwig University of Freiburg,
Institute of Physics,
Hermann-Herder-Strasse 3,
791 04 Freiburg,
email: martin.zondaX*Xphysik.uni-freiburgX*Xde